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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

HI !!

Hi! I`m new here so I going to start introducing myself.

I`m Megan and I born in California, Los angeles. I like so much this country and I would like to life there as of today. But the last year I did the flight attendant exam and I pass it so I had to move it to Dubai. I left there my family and my friends but, when I have time I take an airplane and I go to California to visit them.

In California I have two more sisters that they are called Mia and Kinsley. Mia is older than me, it has 27 years and Kinsley is younger than me, it is 21 years old. I love both, but nowadays I speak more whith Kinsley.

In my free time I like to do surf and snowboard, I love it!!
In summers I try to go to many beaches as I know to do surf. And in winters, I like to go to High Sierra peaks to do some snowboard.

Now you know more about me!! I hope you liked my presentation and shortly you will have more knows about me!!


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  1. I love this post Evee your life is incredible!! but Alcanadre is more beautifull than have to visit it :)