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Tuesday, December 20, 2016



I started doing photos when I wass nine years old, and I went yo Morocco. My father had a normal camera. I remember that my "first" photo was un a beach of Morocco. I took photos to simple things like stones and birds. I when I arrived home, my father liked my photos, and he told me that if I demonstrated to he that was good, and that I loved doing photos he would buy me a reflex. So I started working hard, and finally he bought me a Nikon D5100 (this is the one that I have now).

 Science, that trip I'm in love with the photography.
And, why? Why am I in love with photography?
I'm in love with photography, because I love who it makes me feel, what I feel when I do a simple C L I K C ! That's incredible. And because everywhere I go I see photos.💙📷

I'm also making photos today, and if you are interested I published most of them on Instagram, here is my username --> _clau_ms_

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