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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My favourite songs, Evee


Hi! I´m Evee

This week I´m going to talk about songs and music.
I like most types of music but my favourite types of music are pop, and a few rock and rap songs. And I don´t have a favourite band or singer. I really like the Spanish singer Dani Martin but I also love English songs! They are my favourite. My favourite song is My life be like , from GRITS. It is a kind of rap with pop. I descovered it a couple weeks ago, and I love it! It is a bit old, but it is so good.
I use many apps for downloading music or listening to it, here are some of them;
Spotify I use it to make playlists of my favourite songs
YouTube I don´t use it only for listening to music, but there I can search for any song!
Music downloader This app is only for downloading music on your phone without have to use the internet.
I hope you like this post! Bye!

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