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Monday, January 30, 2017

GERMAN By Khaleesy :D

                       SECTION: My life
  Lets talk about GERMAN... 

 Hello lovers of dragons 🐲!! Welcome one more day, today's section is "My life"👥 and we are going to talk about German and me. 


Last week in class ⏰, our teacher told as that she organized a foreign-exchange with a high school 🏢 in German, Frankfurt whit their pupils. She also told us that only  2 ESO 6 girls👧 and 7 ESO boys👨 of each school could go.  So, to choose each pupils, they are going to based on our english and german notes. But the fact is that not all 2 ESO pupils go to German only 4 girls, and they are going to valorate it more, so I thing that thinking in my notes that in english mark and going to german classes I think that I have  a lot of high possibilities to go. I also think that my class mate Evee,💜 is going to. 


I am so excited😊😊!! I know that it is a big chance💫 so I don't want to lose it . I have never went to any foreign-exchange 🙈 so that is why I'm so overjoyed🙀. 

I'm also thinking💭 in photos📷, because It is a knew country, knew people, knew monuments, knew everything... so I think that I'm going to make great photos, and above everything the experience and if it appear the friendship🙅🙆.  

Bye, bye lovers of dragons 💙💜💚💛 !! Have a good week 🙌 and I hope you liked this post!!

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