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Monday, January 16, 2017

HOBBIES 😏 By Khaleesi

                                                                                                     SECTION: My Life 

Lets talk about HOBBIES...

Hello lovers of dragons 🐲 !! 😊 Welcome one more day , today's section is "My Life" and we are going to talk about one of my hobbies. 

Frontenis 🎾 is a sport that is played in a pelota court with a wall using racquets and a elastic ball.
I 💜 playing Frontenis, since I was 11 years old. Everything started when my mum and I wanted to start doing some exercise, and we chose to practise tennis.We weren't good at all, but we tried it. But one day I whent to a sport centre and I started practising frontenis instead of  tennis. Then, they gave me classes and I became the player that I am nowadays. I'm playing into competitions, and I'm very happy with my own progress.😋

I recomend all of you, to try frontennis, Its incredible!!!🎊

Bye, bye👋 lovers of dragons! 🐉  Have a good week and I hope you liked this post, if it is please write it at the comments :) ⤋

Khaleesi 💘

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