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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hy guys!
I'm safe that you don`t like going to school 😖so today, I'm going to write about some differents difficult subjet that I did not like them when I was at school.
I`m going to name three subjects : Maths, History and French.

First, I'm going to start with the maths. I didn't like this subjet when I was a child because, normaly most of the people have problems with it and I was always failing all the exams in spite of paractice the exercises a lot.

Then, the history it was a subjet that it was hard for me because the exams had many teory and it was too much to study. And also this subject classes where vary boring and the teacher was very stupid. 😤

Finally, the french it was new for me in the secondary school and it was difficult because all the things that I had to keep in mind were very horrible and it need a lot of effort to approve.

This are the three difficultest subject that i had in the years of school. I would like to know your difficultest subjects when you were childs!!
By, Megan. 💘

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