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Monday, February 13, 2017

yaaaaaas hello everybody !!!!!!! :D : D : D . I'M KHALEESY

                                              SECTION: Books & Films

Hello lovers of dragons🐉 !! Welcome one more day, today's section is a bit mixed " Books  & Films" and we're going to talk about "PAPER TOWNS" 🏢🏢 


 Towns is one of my favourite book 📒. It is a mistery novel 👽. It is about a boy that loves a girl 😍but the girls never talk to him😑. This girl is the opposite of the boy. She is crazy 😝, and adventurous 🌍, and the boy is boring👀, and he has got an ordinary life. But one day the girl needs the boys help and that is how the story begin. 


↠ My favourute character is Margo 👸❤, and I think that is because I am absolutely like her!
She is crazy, funny, adventurous and mysterious , and she thinks the same as me 💫💭 !!
↠ My favourite moment is when they are looking at the city in a highscraper and Margo says
"You can see how FAKE it all is. It is a PAPER TOWN. I mean, look at it! "  💀
↠ My favourite sentence is: "That's the way you should feel your whole life" 🌈🌎 what means that you have only one life so used it the way you want. 👊

Bye, bye lovers of dragons 👻💘 !! Hava a good week and I hope you liked this post 👍 !!


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