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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Heey! What´s up Eveers !
Today, I wanna share with you some of my tips for shopping.
I always use them. They´re very useful, and they´ll save you from many problems

Make a list :  
I think this is very useful, and I ALWAYS do it, so I never forget anything. You can also write the reference code of any clothe, so you can find it easily 👯 !!

Go shopping in the morning :
I usually go shopping just when shops open, because then, there´s nobody that can take the clothes that I want. Also, if you are able to drive, there will be lots of places to park !! 💃

Ask for an specific size :
If you´re looking for a T-shirt, some jeans or anything but you can´t see your size, just ask the shop attendant to search if they have it on stock. That always happens to me ! 😂😜

 Check the schedule :
Before you go shopping, you should search for the schedule of the shopping centre or shop, beacuse it would maybe be closed 😞  

 ONLINE shopping :
 If you are looking forward to shop on-line, but you´re not sure of the size, there´s usually a phrase under the sizes that says :


and you can measure the parts of the body that are said there, and then you´ll see if that fits you  🙈 !   

There are many shops that I love, but I never shop there 😂 just because the clothes don´t fit me, or because it is too expensive such as :

Urban outfitters, Brandy melville, arizona vintage ...
 I really like hollister and pull and bear.

PLEASE comment down below if you do some of this TIPS 💘

BYE EVEERS !! I hope you loved this post. See you soon !!!! 🙋🙋🙋 xx   


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