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Saturday, April 22, 2017

13 REASONS WHY ----------------- Khalessy

                                                                                                                          SECTION: Series


Hello lovers of dragons 💘🐉 !! Welcome one more day 🌝, today's section is  SERIES  and we are going to talk about  📼13 REASONS WHY:

But first I have to apologize 😓 , because this days I haven't been writing so much 🙊, the first reason is because I got sick 😷 and then because I ran out of ideas💭. But now I'm so motivated 🙌 and with my head full of them... so let's start!!  🙋💫

I have some changes in my blog too, that you might like...😏 ...... "DRUMROLL"...🎶🎶...

1- I have added a section of games at the end of some post to enjoy it more 😇🌈👾
2- And a PET -this girl is crazy...."blablabla"-(people talking) it is PIKACHU :D                 ( he is in game zone waiting for you to go :D)

-!!!YEAAHHH OUOUOUOUOUOUOUO¡¡¡🎊🎉💘🐉 -------( people screaming )😂😂😂

Today's serie ( TV sow)  isn't like others  that I used to talk about.

- Why  Khalessy??🙉

Because in this one, their purpose goes further than just teaching how to kill zombies or how to survive 💥  ( I 💘 seeing those tipes of series, don't judge me 😂💜 ) they teach you REAL LIFE , REAL PROBLEMS. 

- Well....And what's about??😯

13 REASONS WHY is about a teenager girl who killed  himself and left 13 tapes explaining one by one, the reasons of her death. 

- Ahhhh okay thank you!!😊

I think the whole word  might watch this series, and now talking more seriously, the reason is that, the serie deals whit problems like tis tapes of bullying: Physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, social, ciberbullying and how bad their are.

Watching tis tv sow, has made me change the way I see now High School and the Social Media and that may be saying something to some one who is having a bad time or that some one is abusing him, can change lot of things.

If you haven't watch it yet, do it and learn. 




Please give my the answers in comments!!👀👅👏


Bye,bye lovers of dragons🐉🐉💘Have a good week and I hope you liked this post!💨

And please if you want me to talk about something in special please write it at comments and I will !! 👍☺☺


  1. I got 27 on the game XD Nice post by the way :)

    1. I am so sorry IndigoSky but you need to keep trying. Clue: there are 3 bananas, not 1.
      Thank you very much!

    2. Oops! Didn't realise XD Umm... Is it 21? :)

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeey Khalessy ! How are you doing , It´s Evee. I´ve also watched that tv series in 3 days hahah, I LOVE IT SO MUCH