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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Hey Guys ! What´s upπŸ‘½

For this week´s post, I wanted to share with some song that I´ve recently discovered, or some songs that I like.

First of all, I want this post to replace the "songs tag", but not to be the same, so let´s start with it !

FIRST ONE πŸ˜ƒ! :  

Spirits - The Stumbrellas 
This makes me so happy πŸ˜‚ and it is very catchy πŸ‘Œ

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Next one πŸ‘― ! :

Arabella - Arctic Monkeys 

You seriously have to listen to this band. It is one of my favourite ones and I love every of their songs πŸ™Š

 Resultado de imagen de arctic monkeys arabella

3rd One πŸ’¬ ! :

Fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys πŸ’₯

This one is also really good, I discovered it some months ago but I haven´t stopped listening to it. 😈

 Resultado de imagen de favourite worst nightmare

4th one 😹 !

Tame impala - It feels like we only go backwards.
Nothing more to say. I love this !!! πŸ’š
Resultado de imagen de it feels like we only go backwards

And now... The last one πŸ’ͺ!

You are gonna go far kid - The offspring 
 and one more πŸ˜‚
Pretty fly - The offspring ! πŸ‘†

Resultado de imagen de pretty fly

In my opinion, this posts are more boring than the ones in which I write a little bit more about me, and in general, the ones in which I write more. Let me know your opinion pleeeeeease πŸ˜›

Bye Guys ! I hope you like this , and that it will be useful for you all !! πŸ’¦

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  1. Hey Evee! I have already read your post, I only know The song of The Offspring, (which I think is fantastic). I'm​ going to look for the others, and I will say u my opinion, and knowing that we both usuallylike the same music, I will enjoy them all!!!! I LOVE THE GIF :D