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Monday, April 3, 2017

LANGUAGES ---------- Khalessi

                                                                                                                   SECTION: Me


Hello lovers of dragons 🐉🐉💘!! Today's section is "me" and we are going to talk about LANGUAGES💙


Nowadays I speak four languages,💬 however not as good as I speak others, so that's what
I am going to explain, also the high importance of them 💃:D

- First one is SPANISH:

As you all know (or maybe not) my original language is Spanish👀, because I come from Spain.💁 I speak it everyday, wherever I go and who do I go whit. I think Spanish isn't as difficult as others languages are, it is simpler (for my opinion),besides, least useful than English for example. 🙌

- Second one is ENGLISH:

 I have been studying English since I was four years😇. Speaking and studying grammar too.
Traveling and improving it, and thanks to all that, I have become the person who I am. 
Today, I can speak English quite well ( I think ) hahah, I see all the series in English and the most amazing thing about that, is that I can understand them!! hahahaha ( It makes me so happy) :D☺☺

- Third one is GERMAN: 

Hallo guten tag! 👅( haha that was German ,wich means hello good afternoon hehe )
Since first of ESO German has been my second language after English. The  first year that
I started  learning it, I was a little bad ( haha) but finally I have improved it. 
- Fourth one is EUSKERA:
I hardly ever speak this language. I haven't got so much to explain, only that then I spoke it.
Bye, bye lovers of dragons🐉👅 !! I hope you liked find post and have a goos week

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