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Monday, May 22, 2017


Hi! How's live going?

Today, I'm going to start writing about my fovourites places to visit in summer.

Mainly, I like to go to the beach in summer whith my friends or family. I like very much going with friends because, you can get many fun (with the family too, but I think that going with friends is more exciteing hahaha). Also with friends you can speak about everything you want and play some different games such as, volleyball or beach paddle.

Resultado de imagen de beach paddle
Resultado de imagen de volleyball in the beach

Secondly, I like going for trip to the field or to some place that have some trees and things like that. Taking some drinks and food and having a picnic in that place.

Resultado de imagen de picnic en el campo

Obviously, I also reaaaaally like going to some theme parks or aqua-parks, and more if it is with most of my best friends or my sisters.

Resultado de imagen de aqua parkResultado de imagen de parque de atracciones

I hope you liked this post and comment the places you would like to visit with your friends or family in summer!!


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