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Sunday, May 7, 2017


                                  SECTION: Social media 👥


Hello lovers of dragons 💘🐉 !! Welcome one more day 🌝, today's section is  SOCIAL MEDIA  and we are going to talk about " Youtube" 

Youtube is the social media in which I spend most of the time💬. So I'm gonna talk to you about the channels that I like the most.💜

I am gonna divide this post in concert into 2 parts, because there are lots of types of channels: (today: creative and fashion)


IZHAN GO. is the first. I have known him for two years⛄, and he is fantastic. The way he edits 🎡 and thinks are both extremely incredible. Izhan also film travel videos showing 
his adventures 👽, is funny and full of content.👌

Resultado de imagen de izhan

COLLECTIVE IRIS. are a group of four (😁😎😊😙)  people , that make videos of their vision of every single thing.🌌🌍 The work very hard, and put lot go effort in what they do. They also, use different types of videos styles so you can learn and enjoy something different.🌈

PES FILM. One day I was browsing the internet 📱, and I found this account. When I first saw him, I felt in love.💘 This man makes ART, ( art in capital letters ) so go to youtube and check it out. 😜

GIOVANNI MONTALVO. He is a colaborator in IRISGiovanni is a film maker 📹. I identify with him, because what he was passing when he was a Teenager 💭, is what is  happening to me right now 🙇, so he is an importan person to me( even if I don't know him in person)👦. Nowadays  I take him as a referent.👽                                                                                         

(  Even I talk with him in Instagram, YAAAAAAAAY :D 😍😍😍)


DULCEIDA.(🎶 tiene muchos haters como cualquier  💅  diva 🎶) I had to do it  😂
Aida is a fashion blogger.💁 Apart of doing make up reviews and clothes, she also talks about the situation in the world in this days. 🙌

Bye,bye lovers of dragons🐉🐉💘Have a good week and I hope you liked this post!💨

Write at comments your favorite Youtube ( and I will search HER/HIM ) 👀

And please if you want me to talk about something in special please write it at comments and I will !! 👍☺☺



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