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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hiii theree!!
                  Guess what!!

Today I want to talk about something different, something that I had to search for it and to read different opinions. TRADITIONS AROUND THE 🌎

Cherry blossom parties:

Where? Japan
When? March to end of April
What's it? Around 76 million of people around 60 percent of the Japanese population have Sakura parties under the cherry blossom trees. They even bring karaoke machines! Cherry blossom only last for a week in each region. Every evening, weather presenters give a cherry blossom forecast on TV. This tracks the cherry blossom traveling up the country.

Holi: festival of colours:

Where?India and Japan
When? Between February and March
What? It is a nice ancient Hindu festival that lasts for two days. The festival symbolises the end of winter. People throw colluded powder over each other or use water guns and balloons. During the festival, every person uses about two 15-liter buckets of water each. But there is a serious water shortage in India. The city of Mumbai is asking people to save water this year!😂😂

See you next week! I hope you liked it!! Comment something that you want to write about💙💙



  1. Hello Close! I'm Khaleesy. If u want you can talk about your fav song. :D

  2. Heey It´s Evee :D u can talk about about athletics, or idk hahah btw good post :9

  3. Hey love your colorful blog, and its vibrant messages. I love that you guys are learning english. I think a good idea for a post should be about yourself, like who you are, what are your hobbies and how this blog started.
    Till next time
    Eternal Dreamer
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