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Monday, May 8, 2017

Hii theree!!                       

                     Guess what!😏😏

Todaaay I want to speak about what I did my last weekend, in Spain there are some "romerias" that are like parties in which each group of friends (or you can also do it wtih your family) eat in the countryside. I know that it looks bored but you meet again all your friends and you have a lot of fun!!

I started with a fantastic breakfast formed by some  scrumptious pastries and a big glass of milk, then I met my friends and we went to the countryside with my friend's truck. when we arrived there, we took the best place that we could and we started to put the tables, chairs and to drink some chocolate milkshake (we bought eat for dessert but we couldn't wait hahaha). there were also little stand them in which I bought some bracalets and a necklace. We ate loin with peppers and then we went home to change our clothes and we had dinner all together. At night we went to listened some music and we went home😅😅

It was a very loong day and I slept a lot hahaha, at Sunday I only moved from my bed to the sofa and that is all I did in my weekend.

What did you do??  Tell mee!!😎😎

See you next week😻


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