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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hi! How's live going?
As you know the school year is finishing, so today I'm going to write about what I did at end of the school year when I was a child. 

In my school, in May began doing global exams of each subject. They make one exam in which they put the grammar that we studied during the entire year.

In June, satrted the exams recoveries and if you didn't have any recovey, they prepared some different and alternative subjects such as, photography, hairdressing, PE, courses for the use of the house and mechanics.

I always choosed photography, hairdressing and PE because, they were the subject that cought my attention in that momment. And thanks to this experience today I know more things from this "world".

Comment what you will do at the end of the school year in your school!

Bye, Megan.

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