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Sunday, May 14, 2017

YOUTUBE. 2 --------------------------Khaleesy

                                  SECTION: Social media 👥


Hello lovers of dragons 💘🐉 !! Welcome one more day 🌝, today's section is  SOCIAL MEDIA  and we are going to talk about " Youtube" 

This is the continuation of the previous post. And today's types of channels that I am going to talk about are:     
                                           ENTERTAINMENT,👾 COMEDI ☺


LELE PONS. I heard about her in Instagram 💬, and then I discovered that she had a Youtube channel. She is too good💫💫. Lele makes comedy videos with her friends.🙆

DESAHOGADA. Desahogada, is an interesting Youtube. She take record voices in videos, so that way they make them funny. I love her humor.😂😂😂💙💚💛💜

ELVISAYOMASTERCARD. Elvisa is a boy that pretends to be a girl💁💘. He/She makes  tutorials videos.
They are so useful, they teach you how to go to a festival at the right form, how to use your superpowers, how to make a fashion advert....😍


ATC. Around The corner, are two girls that make almost every type of videos; tutorials, challenges, road trips,articsticvideos....🙌 These ( now I am correct😂😂 ) two are GIOVANNA BRAVAR & PAULA BAENA



AMELIA GETHING. Amelia💘 is one of my favourite Youtubers. She makes comedy and entreteiment videos. She also likes SUSHY 😂 🍙🍙


Bye,bye lovers of dragons🐉🐉💘Have a good week and I hope you liked this post!💨

( I know this two post have been short, but next week I have one, that is more personal, so I can write more !!)

And please if you want me to talk about something in special please write it at comments and I will !! 👍☺☺


  1. elvisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 hahahah I also LOVE amelia gething and atc :)and yes, I liked your post hah

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